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Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]


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Manish Malhotra + Lenghas


katrina kaif + magazine covers

I don’t look at clothes as just clothes; I consider them as art, as well. And because I have such respect for fashion, I keep it real. I don’t think I’m bigger than fashion; I think fashion is bigger than me.„ - Sonam Kapoor

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ishq wala love...

"English Vinglish is simple; that’s why people like it. The film has simplicity and sensitivity. Some things have been conveyed just through expressions and no lines."

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"Sanjay Bhansali is a confused director. Tomorrow, even if he is the next Raj Kapoor or Guru Dutt, and my films don’t do well and if I’m a flop actress, I will still not ever work with him." - Kareena in 2002

"I am very keen to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali! We’ve come this close to working together a number of times. But now, I think we seriously need to get down to it." - Kareena in 2014

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Bollywood Feuds: Kareena vs. John and Bipasha

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Deepika Padukone in Desi Boyz

Deepika Padukone in Desi Boyz

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How to lose 101 by Deepika Padukone

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Sonam Kapoor-The voice of a Fwad Khan Phan-girl